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Zyfi introduces a suite of tools harnessing zkSync’s native account abstraction (AA) for a seamless on-chain experience. Offering a comprehensive solution, Zyfi spans from front-end to API, empowering any dApp to propose gasless transactions, enabling users to transact with ERC-20 tokens effortlessly.

Embarking on a quest program, Zyfi dedicates 10% of the total supply to the community, including participants in the quests. Engage in the campaign, complete straightforward tasks, and accumulate points. Additionally, receive 10% of the points garnered by each referral. Participants accruing points during the campaign will receive an airdrop upon the token’s launch.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Navigate to the Zyfi quests airdrop page.
2. Connect your wallet securely.
3. Complete social tasks by linking your Twitter and Discord accounts.
4. Earn 70 points upon task completion.
5. Enjoy a 5% boost if you’ve signed up using the provided link.
6. Utilize Zyfi Swap for swaps, boosting your points.
7. Acquire ETH and/or other tokens from Binance for participation.
8. Bridge ETH or other tokens from alternate networks to zkSync via Rhino.fi.
9. Engage with other protocols highlighted on the quest page to further bolster points.
10. The more gas expended, the greater the points earned.
11. Receive 10% of points from each successful referral.

As 10% of the total supply is allocated to the community, including quest participants, expect to receive an airdrop upon the token’s launch. For comprehensive details on the airdrop, refer to the provided article.

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